BLOG #1 - In Studio Live Stream Recap!

December 17th, 2018, a day that will live in infamy! Kite & Lightning Studio had its first live-stream on Twitch! We invited some fantastic streamers to stop by our beachfront studio in Santa Monica to party, mingle, and be part of our live studio audience for our stream “Building a VR-Ready PC” with everyone’s best friend, Leslie Pirritano from AMD! Viewers got to see resident badasses Leslie and Jennifer, Head of Studio at Kite & Lightning, build a VR-ready PC from the ground up and one lucky winner won our raffle giveaway which included a Steam gift card and a sweet Bebylon pillow - who wouldn’t want to go to sleep with that little beby face every night?

You can catch the stream at if you missed it!

Wow, this is crazy.
— UCLA student experiencing virtual reality for the first time

 BLOG #2 - DEVVR, On the Road, IRL.

The downside of virtual reality is that it’s inaccessible to most. The mission of the DEV_VR Initiative is to expand VR inclusion and awareness, so everyone can feel that pit-in-your-stomach-oh-my-god-am-i-gonna-fall rush when you experience locomotion in a headset for the first time. We are so proud of the expanding community we’ve built over the past 2 years, including uber-talented developers, students, esports clubs and streamers who are helping continue the conversation on What’s Next for VR.

At our event series, we set up at UCLA with the help of IEEE students. For most of them, it was their first time experiencing virtual reality. This would prove to be a common theme for most of the people we’ve met at different conventions as well as our own events. Students got to play some incredible indie titles like To The Top (and our own Bebylon demo), compete in the BeatSaber tournament for the grand prize of the HTC Vive, and listen to pioneers in the industry give advice on embarking on a career in VR. After UCLA, we took a road trip to Texas where we had the VR arcade for UNT students to enjoy, and had Dan and Richard from Electric Hat VR (developers of To The Top) speak on our panel.

This was such a rewarding experience for us. We loved meeting and talking to the students, streamers, and families who got to experience virtual reality for the first time with us! We’re happy to support the creators of tomorrow!

 BLOG #3 - You, me, and E3

We had such a blast at E3, playing highly anticipated new titles, meeting incredible people (like Nori Shirasu, who painted insanely cool murals, pictured above), and seeing what our fellow indie devs are up to at the IndieCade booth.

With virtual reality creeping its way to mainstream gaming (Iron Man VR, The Walking Dead Onslaught), there were plenty of exciting new titles we saw on the showfloor. Asgard’s Wrath (the scary giant that I’m hiding from in the photo slideshow above), is an action RPG/mythical Norse adventure coming out this year on Oculus. There were some familiar faces - like Lone Echo 2 coming out on Rift and Echo Arena on Quest.

Right across from the AAA Oculus booth was a humble setup for Ascend, a VR capture-the-flag game where you battle midair. The best part of this game is the innovative locomotion the devs dubbed “Lean Motion” where the direction of your headset substitutes the need for using joysticks to teleport - you can soar freely! And oh, yeah, Ascend was developed by USC students for their capstone class. Amazing how the future generation is showing up the studio giants by tapping into VR’s unfulfilled potential.